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I like betting. And make bets all the time - at home, at work, on the road. Its very convenient now - you could easily bet from your phone, laptop or computer. Therefore, I decided to publish best bet's screenshots in order to prove my abilities to win by betting. Naturally, I choose not all of bets for publication, but only some of them showing beautiful wins. And even then I don't do it every day because there is a lot of hassle with these screenshots.

As you could notice in all screenshots of my sports betting I cover up the amounts of bets and wins. This is done because the amount of bets is one of the game strategies, its essential part, which I do not want to disclose. These strategies could be subsequently shered in my methods and manuals by special request.

The most interested tip of the day I publish for free.

All other sporting tips are available for 5 euro only.
This nominal fee in fact less than the price of pack of cigarettes.
It gives the possibilities to try, check and verify the reliability of bets and fairness of published statistics for everybody.

All the best sport bets for today will be available by clicking to button below.
Please check the date and starting time of events prior to purchasing.

Gaming statistic is presented in best sporting tips category.
Wins are marked with blue, withdraws - greeen and loses - red colour.

Please get acquianted to my advices for players prior to start betting itself.

I recommend to make bets by 1-2% of initial bank.

Some information on website is presented in Russian due to previous site history and work experience.

Sport betting » Best bet's screenshots

February 18 bets screenshots

Beautiful game starting from early morning...

February 15 bets screenshots

My wonderful evening bet's screenshots... :)

February 12-13 bets screenshots

Here you could find below screenshots of my late evening live bets made on February 12 and 13.

February 1 bets screenshots

Here I publish my tips and bets screenshots made on February 1. My russian followers know very well, that I recommend only those bets, which perform in reality myself.
And usually I make system bets for easier statistic count, and separate once as an investment itself.

Please find below yesterday results.

Скриншоты ставок на спорт 14 ноября

Красивые ставки побахвалиться достижениями...:)

Первая - это ночной паровоз с прекрасным коэффициентом.

Вторая - это вчерашние ставки оффлайн, выданные на сайте. Как обычно, самая ранняя ставка публикуется в ставке дня, вторая по времени в группе вконтакте, и все остальные выдаются в верных прогнозах.

Всем хорошей игры!

Скриншот верных ставок на спорт 18 октября

Как обычно бывает по закону подлости, из всех ставок вчера, выданных на сайте, в ставке дня, в верных прогнозах и в группе вконтакте не сыграла только ставка дня...:) Но оборот событий в общем и целом все равно положительный...:)

Скриншот верных ставок на спорт 12 октября

В продолжение предыдущему скриншоту - результаты вчерашних верных прогнозов на спорт, вкупе со ставкой дня!
От души поздравляю всех 16 пользователей, которые приобрели верные прогнозы - представляю сейчас ваше состояние...:)

Скриншот моих ставок на спорт 12 октября

По результатам игры на сегодняшнюю ставку дня!

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